(Subject to changes in Government Guidance)

The government has announced it is safe for driving lessons to resume from the 4th July and I propose to give lessons from 13th July assuming that Covid-19 doesn’t flare up again.  

Before your lesson:
  • I will contact you the day before your lesson to ask;
    • if you have any symptoms of Covid 19, 
    • to check you have no need to self isolate,
    • that you have not been contacted by NHS track and trace and requested to isolate, 
    • to confirm you have no need to shield any members of your household. 
  • Please wash your hands immediately before the lesson and I will also ask you to sanitise your hands once in the car.
  • I will check your temperature before you get in the car.  If the reading is high the lesson will not go ahead.
  • Please wear a face mask as recommended by the DVSA. Please supply your own face mask.
The lesson:
  • The vehicle will have been sanitised prior to your lesson. 
  • If possible all lessons will be 2 hours long to minimise the number of people I come into contact with each day. 
  • The air conditioning may be running but will be bringing fresh air into the car.
All this will mean I won’t be able to conduct as many lessons per day and will have to give priority to people who have previously had tests booked and cancelled, or are close to being test ready.
If you have any doubts or are unsure about resuming lessons that’s quite understandable. I am happy to discuss any concerns that you may have regarding Covid-19 precautions.

Unfortunately this has meant a small increase in prices to cover my additional costs.

Payment for your lesson should be made in advance by bank transfer (preferred) to: 

                                                  Mrs D L Williams
                                                  Sort Code 11-07-87 
                                                  A/c Number 00928517

Or the correct cash amount in an envelope at the start of the lesson please.