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Registered Approved Driving Instructor

ADI No. 318571

Mobile: 07855 708045

Some Past Successes

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Heather - February 2019


"Donna has been an absolutely wonderful driving instructor: professional, calm and friendly. From the start of my lessons as a nervous beginner driver, I always felt safe with Donna in the car and from then on she has encouraged me to become a confident and safe driver. With Donna’s help I passed my practical test first time (thank you!) and would highly recommend her as a driving instructor.


Heather x"

Darcy - December 2018


"I enjoyed all my lessons with Donna- her calm and patient approach to teaching me meant I learnt at a comfortable pace. All my lessons were worthwhile and all contributed to me passing first time and becoming a safe and confident driver. I would 100% recommend Donna to anybody!


Thank you ever so much"

JADE - September 2019


After nearly 25 years of trying to learn to drive I have finally passed my test first time with Donna Williams. She went out of her way to make me feel safe and easy my anxiety. She explained everything clearly and in a way that I could understand.

Donna is extremely patient and supportive pushing a little bit every lesson to encourage you to learn. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is anxious about driving. I genuinely enjoyed learning with her and miss our lessons! 


I am in the process of putting together a little thank you present, it should be ready by the end of next week so if you are in the area let me know. If not send me your address and I will get in my little car and deliver it to you...because I can do that now! 


Many many thanks, you have given me such a great gift that will change my life.


Kind regards,



Esther - September 2019


“I would highly recommend Donna as a driving instructor. I was delighted to pass first time, as did my sister, who Donna also taught a few years ago. Her advice and helpful handouts made me feel confident going into both my theory and practical tests.

Thank you Donna! Xx”

Laura - August 2019


"I was very nervous of driving and really wasn’t sure if I would be able to ever pass my test. Donna came highly recommended, so I decided to give driving a go. Donna was BRILLIANT! She was calm, patient and kind to me which made so much difference to my driving experience. 


I can’t recommend Donna enough! I have passed my test and honestly, I had such a great experience, even if I was apprehensive at the start.  Thank you so much Donna for giving me the confidence to drive and pass my test.

Many thanks, Laura"